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Why am I not feeling good inside?

Sun Yang, Teacher

It is because your mind exists. As humans, we accumulate the whole life lived in the brain. Consequently, that becomes our minds. So many thoughts also arise from there. It is Karma we have accumulated. Because of this mind, we live an incomplete life.

The mind has to be awoken. The reason we feel sad, anxious, curious, doubtful, etc., is because we are not living in reality but living in the self-made, mind world. When we live like this, we cannot feel good inside.

You actually mentioned the point. We are not feeling good inside, not outside.

So the key is also inside us. We should change our minds -- from the mind that is clogged from past experiences, to the mind of the origin, the pure mind, the true mind. Imagine that you have never gone to the toilet in your entire life. You would feel extremely uncomfortable. What about the mind? We gather all of the past and the thoughts coming from the past, even subconscious ones, into our minds. And yet, we don’t cleanse it. It is only natural that we feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

I think there is hardly anyone who feels good internally from the beginning, since everyone carries heavy things inside them. But that’s why we should take action. We should take care of our minds and live a different life. I was also a person who could never understand the meaning of fulfillment. I was always uncomfortable within myself, and I didn’t even have anyone to express myself to.

But now, I’ve learned to change from having a clogged, heavy mind to a mind of peace and calm. I finally feel good within myself. I will tell you what helped me.

  • Understand what you carry inside you. From birth until now, we have only added to our minds, not knowing what exists within us. All our past experiences still remain, like a film. Also, so many suppressed emotions and feelings are also there. When we know what we have been carrying, we can deal with them.

  • Learn to let go instead of holding on. We often find motivating messages from famous people that the more we let go, the more we gain. In my opinion, this is so true. Just as our body excretes what is unnecessary, we can do the same with our minds. This doesn’t mean to not possess material things or to give up your will. It means to not hold onto your thoughts and past images in your mind all the time but rather to learn how to have a clean mind. This will create a space inside you that will bring you true fulfillment,\. Since your mind isn’t filled with negativity, there will be true positivity.

  • Find the meaning of life. One of the worst things that bother us inside are questions and curiosities, such as, “Why am I living?,” “Why am I doing this?,” etc. No matter how much we try to live well or feel good within, we ultimately have the desire to find the meaning of our lives. When the purpose and meaning of life become clear, you will see the path clearly. Then you will no longer suffer with endless curiosities and questions. But when the mind is filled with so many things, you can’t even think of the meaning or purpose of life. When you clear your mind and find true positivity and clearness within you, you can also naturally figure out the purpose of life. And since you will see the path and have wisdom, you can live well.

There are many other ways to feel good within. However, rather than seeking ways to temporarily feel good, we can permanently feel good. Since the problem is within you, the answer is also within you. Physical health, wealth, and social status are all important but the most important thing is our soul and mind. I hope you also find happiness and fulfillment inside you by changing your mind from within.

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