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What should I do to sleep better?

Mago Kim, Lives in Stockholm, Sweden

I consider myself to be a sensitive person; I am sensitive to sounds and can't bear loud noises. I also easily absorb other people's emotions. To be honest though, I didn't realize I was like this for a long time. When my mind was tense, my body would also be tense and vice-versa.

My sympathetic nervous system was constantly activated and this made it hard to sleep well. I always felt tired. When I couldn't get enough sleep, again my body and mind would be tense which created this vicious cycle that I felt trapped in.

Now, as I write this however, things have changed. I am no longer as sensitive. I sleep like a baby and my body and mind are more relaxed. I am no longer trapped in this vicious cycle. So I wanted to share how these changes happened. I made a couple of small changes in my life but the effects have been lasting.

If you'd like to know, keep reading!

Meditation and Yoga were key to helping me break the cycle of tension and bad sleep.

I would really like to recommend these things to help anyone sleep better. It only takes a short amount of time before bed or whenever you need a break.

How long do we need to meditate for?

Just 5 minutes is enough!

When you practice yoga, the breathing and movements help to activate the parasympathetic system which helps keep your hormones and energy, basically your body, in balance. Meditation helps your brain to stabilize brain waves and control emotion. I usually use a simple relaxation technique before I go to bed.

The method is straightforward: deep breathing to help release tension from every part of my body.

1. Lie in bed comfortably.

2. Release tension from your body slowly and consciously. Start at your head, then go down to your neck, shoulders, arms and fingertips. Continue to your chest, belly, hips, legs and down to the tips of your toes.

3. The point is to breathe slowly and release tension as you exhale.

The basic principle of meditation is about letting go-

People live always adding numerous pieces of knowledge, thoughts, emotions, stress, and even tension into their mind. Through this simple practice of releasing tension from your body, you can feel the power of letting go.

Please don't think meditation needs to be something special or difficult. When you notice tension in your body and mind and let go of it, you will start to see the changes. Even with just 5 minutes a day. The changes really build up. With time, you can focus more and release more which will give you even more strength to see yourself even better.

I highly recommend 5 minutes of meditation before bed for anyone who has lots of cluttered thoughts and can't sleep well.

I would also like to share this YouTube video clip to give you the wisdom to sleep well.

If you'd like to know how to sleep better and deeply, join a free online introduction.

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