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Our Method

Our Guided Method

Transcending the Human Mind and Discovering Truth Within

​​Through in-person and virtual sessions,
we will teach you how to meditate.
Our objective goes beyond temporary relaxation:
the goal is to make fundamental, lasting improvements in your state of mind.


What is the Mind?

"The True Mind does not exist, yet it exists.  

The false mind, which is the human mind, exists, yet it does not exist." 

-Teacher Woo Myung

The human mind is the accumulation one's life lived based on the habits; that is one's mind.  When you throw this away and become the Universe Mind, this is the True Mind.  The human mind is the pictures that one has taken of the things in the world throughout one's life.  What exists inside one's mind are false and pictures.  Since those pictures are not real, humans are incomplete.  If one discards this false mind, becomes the mind of the world that is Truth, and is born again, then this is the mind of Truth that is real and alive.

Mind Cleansing Practice

Simplicity is the fastest method to Enlightenment 

Recall icon


Recall remembered thoughts, memories or images in my mind.

Meditate yoga


Reflect on the image in order to increase self-awareness.  Become aware of your habits and attachments, becoming conscious of who you are from a broader perspective: the Universe

Release icon


Discard the image with a guided visualization technique.  Train your brain to know that the image is not real and to discard it from the Universe perspective.


Seven Levels Course

Our method is a guided meditation that consists of seven levels. Each level is a unique method to eliminate the false human mind.  

Its simplicity & directness allows anyone regardless of age or experience to practice.

Level 1: Throwing away remembered thoughts

Level 2: Throwing away images of myself, images of human relationships, and myself

Level 3: Throwing away the body of my self

Level 4: Throwing away the body of my self and the Universe

Level 5: Throwing away the body of my self and the Universe

Level 6: My self disappears and becomes the Universe

Level 7: Throwing away the picture world and myself living in that world

How to Clear you Mind 

There has never been a method in history on "How to Clean the Mind" of all negativity we have accumulated throughout our lives.  In this video, we share an explanation by cleaning the mind of all accumulated baggage, we become healthier, gain wisdom, and ultimately attaining Enlightenment.

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