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Our Founder

Our Founder

"Everything is one and countless things are one.  I am reborn in the True World and live."​

- Teacher Woo Myung

Founder Woo Myung has dedicated his entire life

in guiding humanity to discard their humans minds

so that they can live completely with the Mind of the Universe.

Teacher Woo Myung Calligraphy

"Only the Truth has no death."
-Teacher Woo Myung

Teacher Woo Myung Books

There have been many articles in the international press

about Teacher Woo Myung and his books.
Here you can read some of those articles about him and his #1 bestselling books.


Now is the Age of Subtraction

"In the past, people only added to their minds.  Now people can become Complete and live in Heaven if they subtract what is in their minds."

-Teacher Woo Myung

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