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The Way to the Existent World of Truth

Truth exists within you

True World exists within you

Tree-lined Street

Welcome to Irvine Meditation

Transcending the Human Mind and

Discovering the True Universe Mind within

Guided Meditation

Sessions guided by experienced instructors to help individuals recover the

True Essence within their lives.


Simple & Powerful Method

A systematic step-by step guided method designed for anyone regardless of age or experience

Benefits of Meditation

Life transforming benefits encompassing all areas of our life


Profound Wisdom

One enlightens to the logic of things and comes to know when one has the Universe Mind that is Wisdom.


Health & Healing

As mind clutter disappears, your exhaustion disappears and it allows the body to heal and gain longevity.


Emotional Well-Being

Eliminate the fundamental causes of stress and pain, then your mind will always be at peace and joyous.


Deep Sleep

By removing stress and anxiety which is the human mind, your body will relax so you can sleep profoundly by restoring rejuvenation.


Energy & Vitality

Tap the latent energy within your life to be your Absolute Best Self in your personal & professional life.



Discard overthinking and negativity through meditation and successfully achieve all your goals to completion.

Wild Nature


Life transforming personal stories

Subha H.

"I have been a member for 4 years and it has been a wonderful journey.  I experienced a deep inner change and peace.  I feel love and sensitivity for everyone and everything around me.  I live in the present moment without any worries and completely involved in any activity I take at the moment.  The instructors are very helpful, kind and the method is very simple to follow."

Daniel R.

"Great place and amazing people! No theology, no complex or uncomfortable beliefs to adopt, instead it really gets directly and clearly to the main point of true spirituality is about - unburdening ourselves of all the weight of the world, obsessions, bad memories and all negativity to be able to connect with the collective greater inner selves within us."

Ella P.

"I am a fifteen year teenager and I found this method helpful.  Thank you for showing me this amazing method of getting rid of stress and worries.  Also I highly recommend this meditation center.  It is full of sweet people, really helpful guides and you might even find yourself finding new friends! If you want a life free of worries and a spiritual life, come here to the center!"

Mountain Range

Start Meditating

Truth and Happiness already exists within you

We help you find it


Introduction to Meditation

Book an introductory session  online, in-person or corporate session and start this amazing method of discarding the negativities of the human mind and becoming genuinely happy.


In-person sessions

A 1-on-1 private introduction to meditation, including a guided mediation tailored to you and your goals. Learn a simple yet powerful tool to unburden your mind.


Free Online series

Book the date & time and attend our Free Sessions ranging from Yoga, Meditation for Seniors, Fitness, Better Sleep, Anxiety and other topics to improve the quality of your life.


The mission of Irvine Meditation is to help people recover the essence of their Original Nature which is self-empowerment, self-reliance and tranquility.

Irvine Meditation is able to achieve it by working together as one team.  We support each individual's journey to self-knowledge and inner peace by nurturing each person's ability to coexist, as part of a sustainable and just communities.

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