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Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs


Greater Productivity and Wellness to your Employees starts with Meditation

The Irvine Meditation Advantage

As your employees navigate the day-to-day challenges within your organization, today's leaders are in a unique position to help navigate the constant shifting situations of the market.


By partnering with Irvine Meditation for in-person & live online classes, your workforce will gain newfound Confidence, Clarity & Focus.

Benefits of Meditation for Professionals


All successful qualities are innate within our lives but human beings need to uncover them.  Subtract or discard all negativity and blockages in your mind and boost your efficiency by tapping the inherent wisdom, resilience and focus.

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Successful people have the capacity to quickly process and learn new information.  Several studies prove that meditation increases gray matter in the brain responsible for learning, memory, cognition and emotional regulation.  Simply, meditation assists in making the brain more robust, thus improving mental health.

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Innovation is the key to success in any field.  Meditation releases the rigidity in thinking and circumstances by keeping the consciousness open and flexible to adapt into any situation with aliveness and problem-solving skills.  Innovations are hidden in problems and through meditation, we can observe them with clarity.

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Through meditation, employees become more flexible in difficult emotional situations by becoming a more attuned communicator instead of responding defensively.  Meditation builds emotional resilience which helps employees rebound from negativity faster instead of carrying throughout time.  

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 We will design a comprehensive meditation program that will address the needs and goals of your company and employees. 

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