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What is the way to make life happy?

Mason Kim, Studied Psychology (Graduated 2012)

Everyone in this world wants to live a happy life. But it is not easy. Why?

When people’s goals are achieved, people usually think they are happy, but at the end of this happiness, there is inevitable loss.✔✔✔

From when I was young, I had wondered about the true meaning of happiness. I tried to learn how to be happy from the people around me but it seemed there was nobody being truly happy. My parents, sisters, friends, teachers, (you name it!), everyone had their own issues. I concluded at the end, maybe I could make my life happy by trying what others are doing for their happiness. I studied hard, worked hard and tried to achieve many things. It was not easy for me to achieve everything that I wanted. For my perfect happiness, there were too many things to achieve.😢😢😢 Comparing my ability to what I wanted in my life, there was too much gap. But my pride did not allow for me to accept it.

There were achievement in my life that people envy a lot, but they were nothing for me. Devoid of fulfillment....… For All the things I had, I took it as granted. What I did not have, no matter what that is, made me to feel great anger and jealousy.

I eventually got depression. I heard about meditation when I got through a lot.

There was actually a method to throw way all the root causes make me not to be happy. There was fake mind which is Karma habit and body in my mind. I threw all of them away through meditation. I realized that it was impossible to be happy with this fake mind. Because this fake & false mind is mind of hunger and greed, there was no happiness. From my mind, I threw away even my false self who has all the fake mind.

After that, I found my real mind, my original mind, which is Truth. This Truth is everlasting, never changing, and living existence. This is the mind of universe. I had enlightenment that I don’t need to pursue happiness anymore! Since I have Truth within me, I find my complete & true self. I am just always happy! I have been searching for my happiness all the time from outside, but It is within me now!🎁🎁🎁 For my life, I had been on tenterhooks for my happiness. Now I am free completely!!! There is so much room for me to build my life authentically. My career, relationship, financial status ; everything has completely changed.

I am so grateful about the change that meditation has brought to me.

Just like the name of the novel :

Spring came on forever🙏🙏🙏

That is why I am writing this to you as well. I truly hope many people to find the true self and live happy life.

Thank you for your reading!

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