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How can I stay positive and happy all the time?

Sheikha Msangi, Business manager

This is a very deep and interesting question and each of us has a different perspective on the latter.

Some societies have tried a lot to embrace this subject of mental health and its cause such as anxiety, stress, negative thoughts, pain, burden, and depression, while others have turned a blind eye.

I remember while I was young, my dear mother suffered from severe depression. At that time, nobody knew what depression was, and how to help her. Coming from African society, anyone who went through depression was ignored, no one dared to discuss it or help out. Such people were considered to be just negative people or people who are possessed.

Due to this experience, growing up I have been a person who pushed myself to be positive and always avoided any negative thoughts or situations around me. I thought being positive is having a big number of friends, making everyone happy, always smiling, and making others laugh.

I thought it was the best way of living, but strangely I found myself unhappy, easily upset, having negative thoughts, blaming others, and complaining when things didn't go well or meet my expectations(mind-frame).

I was never able to be positive all the time. The more I tried to avoid my negative thoughts, the more they kept bouncing back into my mind. So I tried to ignore them without success. I also tried to use popular remedies such as making myself very busy, hanging out with friends, talking about movies or any trending subjects, and dancing my mind out.

I listened to music and danced to keep myself busy from and away from my “gazillion thoughts” in my head.

What helped me to escape from myself and my mind was meditation. After meditating for a while, I came to know that the reason why I was never able to be positive all the time was because of my false mind.

My true mind was blocked by the thousands of negative thoughts which were caused by my life experience, my expectations, desires, and greed.

While I was trying to be a positive person back then, instead I was suppressing my negative minds. So that's why when the situation did not meet my desires and expectation, I would fume, react with anger, or scream and shout at others. I thought I was happy but I wasn't at all. This was because the things or situations that made me think I was happy is when I satisfy my inner selfish desires and greed. It was not true happiness.

Through the Meditation, I was able to discard all of my negative minds; my selfish desires, pain, emotions, greed, and expectations. Meditation has helped me to accept my negative minds (by not suppressing them) and let go of them.

I now accept myself, I embrace all conditions around me and also the people in my life with a whole and positive mindset. Now, I accept every condition around me with a grateful mind.

I have gained mental strength and awareness and I am very positive without trying to be positive. I have found my true happiness within me which is my true self.

I am now realistic and I am neither hard on myself nor others. I enjoy every moment that life can offer.

It is beautiful to live, to breathe without worries, stress, and pain. I am truly happy now.

I will share a video on how to be happy and positive all the time, hope it will help :)

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