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How can you always remain happy? My Meditation Story

Mike Mihai, Meditator

I always wanted to know “Who am I? Where do I come from and why am I here? What is life and what death is, is there heaven or God?”

Since I was a child, I used to ask these questions to my parents,

school teachers, and the priest at the church where my parents used to take me every Sunday.

Everyone felt uncomfortable when I was asking these questions and everyone was answering in one way or another, or they were telling me that I was not allowed to ask such questions or talk about such things. And it was so obvious that no one knew the answer and they were just trying to show that they knew something.

As time went on, I grew up and gave up these questions. I started life on my own, thinking that there is nothing else but to live this life as best as I could by partying hard and accumulating as many material things as possible, believing that this will make me happy.

But this did not last long. No matter how much money I earned, or how many things I was buying, or how many girls I was dating, or how well I lived, the joy of these things was temporary and not something that lasted. There was no fulfillment. Inside I felt empty and incomplete. Something was missing. My heart was longing for that forever lasting happiness that never disappears!

But where was that happiness? Was that even possible?

A few years ago, when, because of the millions of thoughts in my mind, during the day I couldn't focus on what I was doing and couldn't make clear decisions, and at night, also because of the countless thoughts, I couldn’t rest and have led to all these health problems; stomach, liver, heart, headaches and back pain that I was suffering with, at that time. Sick and tired of being a slave to the things that don't last very long, and not being able to find that happiness that lasts forever, the same questions I had as a child came back to my mind;

Who am I? What is the purpose of this life? What do we live for? Just eating and pooping? Just to struggle all our lives to make a better living? To hate each other, and fight and kill each other just to prove that I am better than others? To show that I have more money than you, a bigger house, more and expensive things than you? And then die and disappear and that's it?

Is this what we live for? That's all?

I wasn't happy at all!

I decided to follow these questions and traveled the world in search of these answers.

In search of truth, I returned to religion, searched for and followed various gurus, shamans, clairvoyants, hypnotists, spiritual guides, healers, and read thousands of books. I even tried different types of meditations that promised a path to enlightenment. However, my questions remained unanswered. Everyone was talking about truth, but when I asked them if they could make me become truth, they all said that truth is inside me, and when I asked them how to find the truth inside me, they didn't know how to answer. This proved to me one thing: that everyone spoke from books, only what they read and heard from others.

No one knew the answer, no one knew truth or the way to truth.

I was so disappointed and felt that I lost all hopes, that I will die and disappear without even knowing who I was, where I came from, why I live and if there was anything after this physical material that ‘I’ am identified with, dies and disappears.

That was until one day, walking late in the evening, I found a meditation center (in Australia where I used to live at that time) and entered the centre. After a short introduction, the meditation guide introduced me to what meditation is, explained to me what the human mind is and why we suffer from all physical and mental illnesses and why we cannot see, know and become truth. Not only that, but the guide explained to me what the origin is, and how we can find and become Truth itself, happiness and eternal life.

In 20 minutes they explained to me so clearly, and in such a simple way that all gurus, priests and shamans, psychologists and philosophers and all scholars of this world who I followed and listened to, and all the books and religious texts that I have read and studied in the last 20 years, could not do it.

At that time, I knew that these people knew the way, and they had a method to change the human mind to the mind of the infinite Universe which is Truth itself. They didn't talk much about it, unlike other places where people only talked about Truth, but to no avail. They invited me and offered to guide me step by step, so that through meditation, I will discover the answers to all the questions and to know the ways of the world. That was what I was looking for. I never sought to listen and memorize the answers; I wanted to become the answer itself.

The next morning, I started meditating. And for the first time in my life, when I entered the meditation center, I felt that someone was there, not to ask and take from me, but to give, to offer me something. I felt welcomed and cared for by the meditation guides, with their big smiles, warm and affectionate hearts. They were so passionate, so caring and devoted.

I was so fascinated by the method, how simple and easy it was, and after 2 weeks of meditation, the biggest question: "Who am I?" was answered. This was a miracle! My parents went to church and prayed to God all their lives, but if they were asked who they are or what life and death is, or if heaven really exists, they didn’t know. I traveled around the world and tried many other things in search of truth, but I was left always empty.

Here, by following the meditation method, all my questions were answered and I got rid of all the thoughts and diseases I was suffering from. Indeed, all the answers were within me. I was incomplete because I was trapped in my narrow world of my false human mind, which was made up of my lived life, thoughts, karma, and the habits inherited from my ancestors, and that was what led to all the stress, hatred and hardships, worries, my illnesses and sufferings, my unhappiness and ignorance. I wasn't happy because I was trying to change the world to suit my mind. And after throwing away my false human mind which was an illusion and which covered and blocked me from seeing, becoming and living as who I really am, I went back to the origin; the Mind of the infinite universe, which is Truth itself.

Now that I have arrived home (Universe Mind), I have reached Human Completion.

The world is perfect. I am at peace and I feel safe. It is beyond words how good it is to live a life without stress and worries, without pain and sufferings. And nothing can make me give up my Eternal Life and Happiness, not for all the money and riches of this world.

As I write this, my eyes fill with tears and I feel useless not being able to describe in words, my gratitude to the Universe, who gave us the method to become FREE from the prison of our own false human mind, which is an illusion, and to live eternally happy. Words are useless to express my gratitude to all the mediation guides around the world who dedicate their lives with so much passion to guide us step by step, back to our Original Mind, to find our True Self so that we can live forever happy.

Thank you is not enough to say to the Universe, and to all those who helped me on my way. But I can promise one thing: that I will do everything I can, to help others find their True Self to live forever happy.


Alexander the Great tried to conquer the world with the sword but failed. On his deathbed, one of his three wishes was to be carried to the grave, with his arms hanging out of the coffin. When asked why such a strange wish, he replied; “I want people to see and know that I came into this world empty-handed and, no matter how strong and rich, known and famous I became, I leave this world empty-handed. ”


Now, thanks to the Universe, we have the method of conquering the world; not with the sword like Alexander the Great, but following this amazing method and throwing away the false human mind which is an illusion and preventing us from seeing the True World, and truly living. This method is so effective and easy to follow that anyone can do it. It is so simple that even 8-year-olds and 80-year-old grandparents can study together.

I did it, so many people did it and you can do it too.

Now is the time to come out of the human mind and become the mind of the universe, which is Truth so that we can live together and forever as one; one mind; universe Mind; as Truth.

Thank you. Mike

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