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How can you learn faster?

Mago Kim, Lives in Stockholm Sweden

When you look at young children, when they learn something, they suck it up like a sponge, and have no objection to learning.

We had those times too. It was like a blank paper without fear of learning new things.

However, as time goes by, the memories and experiences that have been accumulated over the life have left the blank mind full of doubts about yourself. In fact, learning something seems like bringing something new from the outside and making it your own, but in fact, it is the ability you originally have within you.

The fear of failure or the desire to be accepted becomes an obstacle in my mind, reducing my ability to learn something I originally had. everything is inside me. My true power allows me to do everything, but it is also my mind that blocks everything. If you want to learn new things fast, it is essential to look back on what is blocking your true abilities. If you honestly reflect on whether it is fear or comparison with others, there can be many thoughts. If you can meditate on yourself and let go of that mind, the learning process will not be a burden or pain.

It's fun to learn, so you can also get your skills quickly. Age doesn't matter when it comes to learning new things. Everything is a matter of the mind.

Everything is inside me. Efforts should be made to cleanse the dirt off the mind so that the sparkling diamonds can be revealed!

I hope this video also helps you to understand how you can unlock the power of your mind.

If you'd like to know how to enjoy learning again, join a free online introduction.

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