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What are the best ways to lose weight?

Gisook Nam, Lived in Mexico

I have lived well and healthy until I was 50 years old, I never had to go to the hospital until that time. But around 3 years ago I started to feel my body heavy and began to gain weight, so I started to think about my health.

Since I thought I needed a controlled routine I started going to the gym. It was the first time I had exercised for a fee. I think I went at least 5 or 6 days per week. After this, I naturally began to have control over what I ate as well. Diligently searching on YouTube, I began to test which foods were right for me and which ones I could eat.

At first my purpose was not to diet, but after 1 year I lost around 22 lbs and now that 3 more years have passed, I still maintain myself perfectly, I feel really happy and proud of myself.

So, here are my secrets to have a good health. I hope it will be very helpful to you too:

1. Stretch in the morning: as soon as I wake up, I stretch every part of the body. It helps you wake up if you're still sleepy and helps you prepare for the morning with more energy.

2. A glass of warm water: if you drink about 500ml of warm water, it helps to cleanse the waste that accumulated in the digestive system and the blood during the night.

3. Exercise routine (after breakfast and lunch, at this time since I can't go to the gym, I do it at home/park):

- Between two and two and a half hours, 6 days per week.

- Walking/Running: before starting exercise, I always walk 1 hour. Since now we can’t go to the gym, I do it in the park. Normally 30 minutes I walk quickly and another 30 minutes slowly. If I’m in good shape, I do 30 min running and another 30 min I end up walking.

- Releasing exercises: face, eyes, nose, ears, jaw, neck, shoulders, wrists, waist, hips, thighs, knees, ankles; in this order release each part.

- Core exercises: abs, plank.

- Lower body: lounge, squats.

- Upper body: weights.

4. Nutrition:

Salads with fruits and vegetables, fish, multigrain rice, miso soup, egg.

Once at 11am (little amount), another at 3pm (enough amount).

5. Meditation:

When I have a lot of stress and thoughts, it makes me want to eat more, so to have a good control of myself I am meditating every day diligently.

These days I am getting more control through a muscular exercise routine and a structured diet. Before I only drank water when I was thirsty, now I drink .5 gal daily, I started cutting down on carbohydrate foods (which I liked so much) and began to eat protein foods. I reduce little by little the amount I ate. With meditation I was able to establish a natural change in my life without having the stress of having to lose weight.

Lately it gives me pleasure to have a body in good shape and I have fun taking care of myself. In trying to accomplish something in such a short time there can surely be side effects. But, by moving forward step by step and having good self-control, whoever it is can accomplish it. If we think about this carefully, it is a great achievement and gives great happiness since it is a battle with oneself.

In these days, where immunity is very important, I am proud that I had already started this 3 years ago and it is becoming increasingly clear to me that self-control is important for anyone. There is nothing more important than mental and physical health. Like this we can advance in the world with a positive mind…

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