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How does someone keep mentally healthy?

Sophie Hwang, Former Project manager of developing S/W system

People believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, but they are wrong.

Only when a mind is healthy can a body become healthy.

This means the body is less susceptible to illnesses. A mind becomes healthy when there is no possession in the mind, which means there is no self.

This is the best way to be healthy.

Physical exercise frees one’s diseased body from agony and delusions and gives a sense of achievement through movement.

Exercise does help physical health, but to maintain health with exercise, people have to be very diligent.

People who work hard are healthy because they do not have time to plant diseases in their mind. Although exercise keeps a body healthy, when people stop exercising, they will be even more exposed to the disease. We cannot say which exercise is the best because every exercise has pros and cons.

Naturally, people who move a lot live longer, but the best way to be healthy is to leave everything behind.

There is no better way to be healthy than getting rid of mind.

When there is no mind within the true mind, energy and blood circulate smoothly and cure every disease in the midst of the empty mind.

Thus, to live without mind is the best way to be healthy.

This is so powerful passage about real health. I hope you find the easiest way to be well all the time.

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