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How Can I Control My Anger?

Hwal Jeong, former Traveler, Explorer, Learner

The best hobby.

Since I started meditation, I got a lot of help. I used to get angry often when situations around me didn't go according to my style. When I knew nothing about my mind, I just lived like that. And I just believed that it would get better over time after I got angry and upset.

However, when I reflected on my mind through meditation, I found the moments of conflicts and fights taken as pictures remain in my mind. And even after more than ten years passed, the anger was still in my mind. I remember I sighed a lot because the resentment I had within me continued to come up while emptying my mind.

Many years have passed since I started meditating. These days, when I sit down to meditate to throw away the negative minds while reflecting on my mind, Surprisingly I can hardly find anger to throw away. The effects of meditation are truly amazing.

Now, in the peaceful stillness, I feel the calm joy in my daily. When I breathe quietly while enjoying the joy of being alive, I can taste the tranquility and peace that you may only feel in the deep mountains. Certainly, this is one of the happiest feelings.

When I wake up every morning, I can hear the truly wondrous sounds of birds singing. It is a blessing to greet the morning while listening to these beautiful birds singing around the house. As soon as I wake up, I close my eyes and meditate for a while with a thankful mind. I can truly appreciate being able to open my eyes and breathe every day like this. I'm so happy to live this kind of blissful life.

I hope this video will help you.

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