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What are the best ways to save money?

Mago Kim, Lives in Stockholm Sweden

It is not easy to be free from the notion of money.

We think of money as a manageable material, but there is nothing more ideological than that. A measure of value is expressed using a tool called a number. The only way I can quantify my desires. Clinging to the highly ideological value, I create my own fantasy and flounder in it.

People need money to spend money, and working to earn money makes them slaves to money. If you look at the first stage of this vicious cycle, there is a premise to spend money. Is spending money essential? Let us ask the fundamental question. How much money do we spend on what we need? You say you need money to survive, but in fact, you need to think about whether you need money to fill your empty heart.

The emptiness, which is the fundamental root of all human minds, comes from a feeling of inferiority that always lacks something. And that hunger is a vague thing that we don't know what to fill it with, so most of us take the easy way to fill it with the most primitive things.

We eat food, dress up our bodies, wander in search of love, and buy something to satisfy that hunger. And all these activities require money. The journey that started from longing in the heart eventually leads to money, and those who do not think about the root cause are bound by the thought that "money is necessary."

The easiest way to step away from your obsession with money, what I would recommend is to practice distinguishing between what you want and what you need. Do I really need this? Or what hunger in your mind is enslaved and placed in your shopping cart like a robot? If you take a little time to ask yourself and look back before pressing the payment button, you can see your mind objectively.

As you practice over and over again, you come to a straightforward conclusion. That is, 'there are very few things necessary to live.' The illusion that a great deal of money will make you happy is a fictional idea demonstrated in many studies.

Research suggests that happiness levels do not increase if it goes beyond a certain level of income. Maybe we're just brainwashed that we're unhappy without money, but in fact, we're just worried that we won't be able to fill the emptiness in our hearts. What I realized while meditating for a long time is that human obsession with money is just an illusion I have created, and if I discard it, I can find happiness and peace in my heart regardless of whether I have money.

The most fundamental and efficient way to save money is to change the way to look at it.

A life in which you need to do the right thing to survive and empties your mind of wanting more. The moment you break free from the bondage of money you created and binds you, you can become a master of money, not a slave.

Being an independent mind that is not attracted to money is the way to earn money, save money, and become truly wealthy.

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