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The True Meaning Of the Song, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” From the Wizard Of Oz

Just about everyone knows Dorothy’s theme song from The Wizard of Oz: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I used to listen to this song when I was depressed or had a difficult time. Although the world seems very harsh and difficult sometimes, this song always helped me to be more hopeful and see that everything will work out – at some point. That’s right. This is a song of hope! It’s a song of encouragement and comfort for many who’ve become weary and have a hard time in their life.

Human life – to many – can be continual suffering. Physiologically, we’ve always equated sickness with our physical body. But through modern science, we have many doctors that help us with our mind status. We have therapists, sociologists and psychiatrists that help us with mental and behavioral illnesses. So why are so many people suffering with these mental illnesses? Why aren’t more people happy with their lives?

My personal conclusion is that the world is not the problem. The answer is actually quite obvious. The problem is with the human mind. People think that they are living in the world but they are actually trapped in their mind world, so they continually have suffering and stress. In other words, we are all living in all of the past thoughts and memories of our life that are stuck in our mind.

That’s why people feel that their life is difficult and harsh. So this is the reason why so many people are hoping to see the world ‘over the rainbow.’ So how do we get to that place? The answer is easy. The world where I am living now is false, it’s just a picture world made by me. We could go to the world beyond the rainbow and heaven with the process of cleaning the body and the mind and being reborn. After you destroy the fake world and me and the body and the mind, the True world will be revealed to you. The real world is already enlightened and happy but my human mind world is heavy and harsh because I’m living in my thoughts. I’m trapped. In meditation, this is my ‘sin.’

The world that is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is not the world you could go to physically, but you have to find the Truth and build it from within your mind.

There is an old fable that says a bluebird of happiness is not far away, it is near me. The place near me is my mind. In the bible it says the heavenly God’s world is in my mind. As humans, we’ve always believed that we will go to Heaven when we die. We think there’s an afterlife. The Truth is we can live in Heaven now, if we only clear our minds and find Heaven within us. Anyone can do this through this meditation method.

This is the era of completion and anybody can do it. The world from The Wizard of Oz isn’t “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” is within each one of us. Let’s all meditate, find true happiness and live in a happy world as fast as possible.

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