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How can I control my subconscious mind?

Jiseon Lee, Former Administrator

We live life with consciousness, and we use it to judge the person and situation.

🌞"I like sunny days rather than rainy days, but why is it raining today?"

🤔"I don't want a person who is looking like that."

😨"I feel stuffy when I go to a particular place."

Just like this, we use our consciousness to judge and discern people and things. And we mistakenly think that we are born to be this way, but it is not true. Do you know why do we do that? It is because of our subconsciousness, and it is the fundamental deep root of all of our thoughts. And because of the subconsciousness, our minds became so picky because we typically want to hold and take the minds that we would like to have, but the minds we don't like to keep would ignore and not take them.

Let us think this way.

💧Can the light exist if there's no darkness?

☔Can a woman exist if a man doesn't exist?

❄Can the right exist if the wrong doesn't exist?

Where all those subconsciousness come from? They all came from your mind. Yes. You already know it. And they have been stored in your brain since you were born, and they have been accumulated as you experience more of your life. No one among us can accept 100% what is in our minds. For instance, I can accept the smart-me, but can't accept the stupid me. I can accept the best me, but I can't accept the worst me. I can accept the strong me but can't accept the weak me—something like that.😊😕🥰🤔

I hope you understand that not only the minds you want to gain and possess the person or the thing are the attachments, but also the minds you reject or defy some truth are the attachments. It is the same thing. The more minds a person has in his mind, the more he becomes unhappy. Our greedy minds make us the more narrow-minded and selfish person, but our minds don't want to accept things shall create more sadness and inferiority.😢

If you want to control your subconsciousness, you should cleanse all the attachments in your mind and find your true mind.☘🍀 People judge the world as good or bad from their perspective; the human mind is self-centered, and it changes all the time according to the times and environments. And there's nothing right in one's human mind because all he knows is only based on what he has experienced, not the world's experiences. All the judges like right and evil with the human mind, nothing is correct. Only when one discards all the human minds he has can he judge and discern correctly with the true mind. And the reason why one feels anxious and unhappy because there's no truth in his mind.

Also, wanting to be better and smarter for yourself will gain more pain of mind. Because it makes you think you are a terrible and stupid person for now. Such a comparing mind makes you feel you are not good enough.

So, I suggest trying meditation. Meditation shall help you to face the weak, wrong, and stupid self. And it will help you to be free from all the attachments and judgments. Moreover, 🌻🌷meditation will allow you not to be afraid of any of those minds. You will gain the mind of freedom, and you will be able to accept any conditions and circumstances no matter what happens to you.

Before I practiced meditation, all I felt was pain and stress in my life. But after meditation, I started to have gratitude for my hardship and trial. I also realized that my strength and talent are gifts from the universe, and I shouldn't use them not for myself but for everyone. If you can accept all the minds that you don't want to accept, you will have significant freedom and liberation for accepting all those. It will be the greatest gift for your life. And finally, you will get to meet your true self, who is the master of your mind.🌈🌞

Meditation is the most incredible tool that helps you know precisely what your mind is and how your mind works. Furthermore, you can cleanse all the negative minds and be free from all those. I hope these Youtube clips below help you to understand more. Thank you.

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