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How can I get rid of overthinking?

Donna Seo, Full Time Mother

Overthinking was one of my old bad habits. To make it worse, my overthinking routine kept evolving to another; even worse one, to daydream. I would daydream about my loved ones or worries and couldn’t control it. Even though I knew it was a bad habit, I couldn't stop. One day, I daydreamed about my son getting injured at home. It was so vivid in my head, and I couldn't let it go. Then, one day, it happened in real life.

My son slipped in the living room while he was holding my husband's screwdriver. There was a 'bang' sound, I screamed. Luckily, the tool was held in his hand, facing the ceiling; he was ok. I continued suffering from my overthinking always worrying about my family having accidents or other unfortunate events. I could not stop overthinking these things. I always feared they would happen in reality.

I tried to stop by changing my thinking to be positive, but it didn’t get any better. Finally, I was able to fix my overthinking habit. Let me tell you how.

I started doing meditation. In meditation, I learned how to get rid of our countless thoughts. Every explanation about meditation was exact and logical. I could follow the instructions easily. I found out my overthinking is 100% false, and the origin of that habit came from my self-centered mindset.

Furthermore, I found out that my self-centered mindset was not real. As I threw away these false minds, which are just illusions in my head. My mind began to feel more and more fresh and worry-free. I could no longer waste my precious time overthinking anymore. I have become free from that prison I created in my mind.

You have probably experienced overthinking in your life. If you want to stop doing that, I recommend you try meditation. You will see that it doesn't take long to change your life in a big way. Good luck!

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