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"Knowing the Ways of The True World is Real Knowledge and Wisdom"


A long, long time ago, there was a tiger and a bear. They had only one wish – to become human.

Their wish was so earnest that the tiger and bear ardently prayed to god to teach them how to become human.

God listened to their ardent wish and said to them, “You can become a human if you endure 100 days of eating garlic and spring onions in a dark cave.” Then, they went into a cave deep in a mountain.

Tough days went by. Both the tiger and bear wanted to give up many times every day.

Then one day, after two months, the tiger could endure no longer.

“I cannot do it anymore! I’d rather live as a tiger!”

Watching the tiger running out, the bear also wanted to give it up but made a stronger determination. “I can become a human if I endure a bit more. If I give up right now, everything that I’ve done so far becomes a bubble.”


The bear alone in a cave felt more lonely and tough. However, the bear patiently endured.

Time went on and on; 90th day, 91st day, …, 99th day, and it became the 100th day.


The bright light shined into the dark cave and wrapped around the bear. The bear turned into a beautiful lady.

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