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Our Center

Irvine Meditation Center has been serving the Orange County Community and its vicinity since 2011.

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Real-Time Online & In-Person Meditation Center

Get to Know Us

The most beautiful community with the most beautiful people

Our center is the most comfortable, peaceful, and convenient place to meditate. It's a warm and welcoming environment where you can come and rest your mind. It is a place where people learn true coexistence by becoming ONE through meditation.  Many people are meditating and finding peace within, even during uncertain times, all while connecting with a supportive and benevolent community.

Our Beautiful Members

We, who help each other are beautiful
We are always together, We are beautiful
We can do together, We are beautiful
We, who transform pain into happiness are beautiful...

excerpt from the poem "Coexist"


Different Outlooks, One Mission

Irvine Meditation is a community of people from different walks of life, ethnicities, ages, social classes and genders seeking One Mission...Human Completion (Enlightenment or Nirvana).  Regardless of the individual background and upbringing, every single human being on planet Earth unconsciously seeks to achieve the highest endeavor of all...Enlightenment.

"Complete Enlightenment is having God within one's mind.  One who is born in Heaven is a completely Enlightened person."


-Teacher Woo Myung

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