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Do you believe in God? Why or why not?

Elizabeth Cockrell, Indiana University Graduate

God, Buddha, Allah, Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise, The Land of God Is Within Me

Man lives only speaking and behaving according to the minds he has within him. With his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and body, man takes pictures of what belongs to the world. He took pictures of the things that happened throughout his life. In other words, he is a sinner because he is the camera. That film exists in his mind. This thing is not actuality; it is fake. Because he lives being dictated by what is fake, he dreams false dreams and does false things in a false world.

People possess only these false things inside of their minds. That is why God, Buddha, Allah nor the world of those entities exists in their minds.

It is when God, Heaven and Paradise exist within man’s mind that he is able to know God and be born in Heaven and live. Only one who has gone to this kingdom while living has that Kingdom, and so he is able to live eternally.

That is why when the life lived and karma along with the habits inherited from your parents are eliminated, you return to the original foundation, which is the origin and Truth.

When you are born from there, God, Buddha, Allah exists in your mind. And you are able to go to heaven, paradise, and the land of divine beings while living and live there eternally because heaven, paradise, and the land of divine beings always exist in your mind. One who does not have this true world in mind at all times will not be able to go there.

It is not such that you go to heaven, paradise, and the land of divine beings after this physical body dies. Instead, what you must do is go to heaven, paradise, and the land of divine beings while you are alive. God, Buddha, Allah must exist within you at all times, and that kingdom, which is Truth, must exist within you. People cannot go to this kingdom which is Truth and the kingdom of Truth, and they do not exist. This is because they live inside their own minds as neither saints nor righteous people. A person who goes from being false and fake to becoming Truth, a person who has the true world which is Truth would be a saint and a righteous person.

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